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AP Supplier Recon Process in SAP Testimonials

“BEST has carried out the project in a very professional manner. The BEST staff is very knowledgeable of not only their own product but SAP as a whole. The BEST staff is always available for assistance and able to attend to any query at any time.”


“Good project and implementation, good support from BEST support staff. From start to end project run very professionally. BEST has also assisted us with streamlining our AP supplier recon process where we now process majority of recons centrally as opposed to previously processing recons at each site.”


“Its time saving as all information is reflected on the recon. Doing a big recon (+/- 7000 lines) is a big time saving. Anyone can use it for any amount of lines for any statement as rules and processes are standardized. Support was excellent and available when required.”

PPC Cement

“The way the project was managed, the planning, scheduling and controlling of activities; identifying needs/issues, integrating and orchestrating the resources (people, material, information, time) and the level of technical and professional knowledge of skills to support the process was the ‘best’ we have experienced.”


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